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Rip the waves

Time to turn the tables

Carbotech Boats is characterized by pure quality in every detail. In our opinion, form and function are of equal importance. We’re inspired by the world of racing, and we use cutting edge technology and design to create a boat unlike any other; a boat without compromise – with power, performance and exceptional quality. A boat for a few.


The deep rumble from the twin Mercury 8.2l V-8 engines, each pumping out as much as 430 horsepower, is enough to realize the potential and muscle of a boat from Carbotech Boats. At a top speed of more than 70 knots, this boat outruns most other boats in its range.


Our boats are built to be challenged. Every detail and function has been refined to perfection, in order for you to be able to rely on your boat, even in high speed or extreme conditions.

Carbon fiber

Inspired by sports cars, racing and airplanes, we have developed a hull design and construction, solely in carbon fiber material. That way, our boats are tolerant as well as graceful and have a peerless cruising capability, despite their respectable 38 feet.

For a few

Our philosophy is to create boats for a few. We build our boats with a profound passion for perfection, striving for state-of-the art technique and distinctive design. In a very real sense, every boat has its soul, sprung from the passion of a small, dedicated group of people who have nursed its entire being, from the drawing-table to its final finish. Therefore, our boats will never be produced in large scale. Our boats will never be for the many people. Our boats are for a few.

Key features

  • Lenght overall
    11.5 m / 37’9”
  • Engines
    Twin Mercury 8.2l v8 430 bhp
  • Max speed
    70 kts / 80 mph
  • Construction
    Fibreglass / Carbon
  • Propulsion
    Stern Drive / Semi Surface
  • Passengers
Lenght overall11.5 m / 37’9”
EnginesTwin Mercury 8.2l v8 430 bhp
Max speed70 kts / 80 mph
ConstructionFibreglass / Carbon
PropulsionStern Drive / Semi Surface